Inclusivity and diversity at the heart of Muslim Pro

Inclusivity and diversity at the heart of Muslim Pro

Nafees Khundker, Managing Director of Bitsmedia and the man behind the Muslim Pro app, talks in detail about the app that has developed into a comprehensive platform to meet the diverse needs of the Muslim community worldwide.

How do you ensure the accuracy and reliability of the app’s religious content and features?
We employ a dedicated internal team of religious experts responsible for moderating all content, including the training of our AI Bot, Ask AiDeen. We collaborate with external religious scholars for consultation and verification, cross-referencing our content with globally recognized Islamic perspectives.

Our commitment extends to ensuring Ask AiDeen’s outputs are accurate and aligned with Islamic teachings. While striving to provide comprehensive and authentic resources, we encourage users to expand their Islamic knowledge beyond our app and consult local religious authorities for further guidance and knowledge.

How does the app balance between technological innovation and preserving the sanctity and traditions of Islam?
Muslim Pro strikes a balance between technological innovation and preserving Islamic sanctity by integrating AI and interactive features under the watchful oversight of religious experts. This ensures all content, including the innovative Ask AiDeen AI bot and enriched Qalbox offerings, aligns with Islamic teachings.

By maintaining this equilibrium, the app supports modern digital engagement while upholding traditional Islamic values, fostering a platform that respects and enhances the spiritual journey of its users.

Can you share some insights into the app’s user base and how it has evolved over time?
Launched initially as a utility app during the early days of smartphones, Muslim Pro has significantly evolved alongside the digital needs of our users. While Quran (audio) and Prayer Times remain the most utilized features, reflecting Islam’s integration into daily life, we’ve adapted to our users’ desire for a more comprehensive lifestyle companion.

For instance, the introduction of Qalbox in 2023 marked a pivotal expansion, significantly enhancing user engagement. Since its launch, we’ve seen an uptick in activity, with over 13 million active users streaming content. This indicates a broadening scope of how our app serves the Muslim community’s evolving needs.

In what ways has the Muslim Pro app contributed to fostering a sense of community among Muslims worldwide?
Inclusivity and diversity are at the heart of Muslim Pro, which provides a welcoming platform that celebrates the vast diversity of Muslim identities and cultures. This inclusiveness helps users from various backgrounds feel represented and valued, strengthening the bonds within the global Muslim community.

Technological advancements within the app, such as the introduction of Ask AiDeen, an AI bot for enhancing Islamic learning, and implementing new, interactive features in the Quran app based on user feedback, underscore Muslim Pro’s commitment to innovation. Launched on 29 February, these updates have made Islamic learning more accessible and engaging, reinforcing the community’s sense of unity by ensuring that users’ voices are heard and their needs are addressed.

Moreover, the integration of Qalbox enriches the user experience by offering a library of content that celebrates Muslim cultures and creativity. This initiative aims to cater to Muslims worldwide, providing diverse genres that reflect the community’s multifaceted identity and spiritual journeys.

How do you approach incorporating feedback and suggestions from users into future updates and features of the app?
Incorporating user feedback and suggestions into future updates and app features is critical to our development process. We utilize advanced data analytics to understand usage patterns and preferences, ensuring our updates align with user needs and expectations.

An active feedback loop is central to this process; we engage directly with our user community, soliciting their insights through surveys, social media, and in-app feedback mechanisms. This ongoing dialogue allows us to continuously refine and improve the app, ensuring that each update reflects our diverse user base’s evolving needs and desires, thereby enhancing the overall user experience.

What measures does the app take to respect user privacy and security, particularly regarding personal religious practices and data?
We do not under any circumstance share any of our users’ sensitive personal information such as name, phone number, or email. Any data shared with partners is anonymised, meaning our data is not attributed to particular individuals.

We value our users’ trust highly. As part of our open and transparent approach, we have published a detailed Privacy Policy for users’ convenience and comprehension about the types of personal data that we collect, store, and process.

I would like to reaffirm our commitment to protecting our users’ data. We have taken steps to ensure even greater security – including terminating our relationships with data brokers and have also ensured that all necessary safeguards are in place so that our users continue to benefit from our high-quality and secure service.

Could you elaborate on the app’s features that assist users in their daily religious practices, such as prayer times, Quranic readings, and halal food locations?
The Muslim Pro app. is designed to be an essential companion for Muslims worldwide, offering accurate prayer times based on the user’s location. It provides access to the complete Quran with audio recitations and translations. Now, it is a learning tool for users to engage more deeply with the Quran, facilitating daily readings and spiritual growth.

Additionally, we’ve integrated a feature to locate halal food establishments nearby, making it easier for users to find dining options that align with their dietary restrictions. These features collectively support our users in seamlessly integrating their faith into their daily lives.

How does the app stay relevant and adapt to its user’s changing needs and preferences in an ever-evolving digital landscape?
Muslim Pro is embracing a multifaceted approach to adapt to its user’s changing needs and preferences in an ever-evolving digital landscape. The app increases personalization and user engagement by leveraging data analytics and user feedback, ensuring the content resonates with individual preferences and cultural nuances. By integrating AI and machine learning, Muslim Pro is revolutionizing how content is curated and delivered, making the app smarter and more intuitive with features like personalized content recommendations and automated customer support.

Recognizing the growth of niche marketplaces, Bitsmedia is positioning its ecosystem to cater to the Muslim community, offering a curated selection of services and digital content that align with Islamic values. Additionally, with the expansion of digital content formats, such as videos, podcasts, and interactive articles through platforms like Qalbox, Bitsmedia is diversifying its content offerings to meet the changing consumer preferences and consumption habits of the global Muslim audience. This strategic approach ensures Muslim Pro remains a relevant and indispensable tool in the digital lives of Muslims worldwide.

What future developments or expansions do you envision for the Muslim Pro app?
The future vision for Muslim Pro is to become the digital home for Muslims worldwide, tapping into the underserved global Muslim market of over 1.8 billion people. With the halal market and Islamic finance sectors growing rapidly, we aim to expand into key regions like the Middle East, North Africa, and Pakistan, leveraging strategic partnerships and our extensive network to accelerate growth.

This strategy will enable us to offer a diverse range of products and services that cater to Muslims’ faith-based and lifestyle needs, establishing Muslim Pro as an indispensable digital companion in the Islamic world.

What role does the app play in educating users about Islam and dispelling misconceptions in an increasingly interconnected world?
Muslim Pro serves as a supportive tool for Muslims to deepen their understanding of Islam. However, we also encourage our users to seek knowledge beyond our app, advising them to consult local religious authorities. This stance respects the Islamic emphasis on the pursuit of knowledge and acknowledges that technology should complement, not replace traditional religious learning and community interaction.

Considering the global Muslim community’s diverse backgrounds and cultural practices, how do you ensure inclusivity and representation within the app?
Muslim Pro ensures inclusivity and representation by leveraging technology to celebrate the global Muslim community’s diversity. We create spaces where diverse Muslim voices and experiences are valued and represented, aiming to foster understanding and acceptance. For instance, many Qalbox titles showcase the variety within our global Muslim community, highlighting cultural differences while underscoring the shared practice of Islam.

Through engaging stories, educational content, and lifestyle pieces on Bitsmedia’s platforms, we highlight the richness of Muslim cultures, promoting positive representation and fostering an environment of acceptance for the multitude of Muslim identities and cultures worldwide.


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